FAQ Guidance

The length and difficulty of the bike tour are determined according to the group you choose.

We provide 3 groups:

Group 1 cycles an average of 22-25 km/h and rides tours of +/- 60-80 km/day.

Group 2 cycles an average of 25-28 km/h and rides trips of +/- 90 to 110 km/day.

Group 3 cycles an average of 27-30 km/h and rides trips of +/- 110 to 140 km/day.

The average speeds mentioned are indicative. All guided cycling tours are adjusted as much as possible according to the specific needs of the guided group.

Dit wordt ter plaatse beslist. Naargelang het aantal deelnemers worden bepaalde groepen al dan niet samengevoegd. In normale omstandigheden zijn groepen niet groter dan 25 fietsers.

In Mojacar, all guided bike tours depart at the hotel.

In Calpe, all guided bike tours depart at the “Service Course by Baguet Bicycle Centre”, located +/- 500 m from the hotels.

The start time of each guided group is communicated at the briefing at the start of the cycling holiday and is confirmed daily by the guide after the ride for the ride of the following day. Usually this is at 9.30 am or 10.00 am.

As the roads in Spain can be dangerously slippery in rainy weather, it is possible that routes will be changed or moved to a later date.  If you wish, you can exercise indoors in the hotel gym.

If we cannot leave at the scheduled time, the next possible departure time will be set at 11 am. If we still cannot leave, a final attempt will be made at 1 pm. If the roads are still wet and/or the weather forecast indicates further rain, the ride will be cancelled completely. If possible, it will be ridden on the rest day.

In case bad weather is forecast for the days after the rest day, Baguet Bicycle Center may decide to ride one of these rides on the rest day.

The Baguet Bicycle Centre does not provide a following car. However, we offer the service that in case of serious technical and/or other problems, you can contact a specific number. We will make sure that in such situation you are helped as soon as possible and that you are picked up if necessary, no matter where you are on the course.

Yes, one or two supplies are provided during the guided cycling tours. An assistance car of Baguet Bicycle Center will take place at an agreed point on the route, where participants can make a short stop to refresh themselves. The assistance car will leave from the starting point, so people will have the opportunity to bring a small bag with their own stuff as well. It is also possible to refill free isotonic or water during the supply stop.

For the C-group there will always be one supply, for the A-group there will always be two; for the B-group the number of supplies depends on the distance of the ride.

In case a group consists of less than 6 participants, a supply stop can be replaced by a stop in a local bar or supermarket.

Absolutely, a bike helmet is mandatory in Spain. Participants without a helmet are not allowed to cycle in the guided groups. Each participant brings his/her own helmet. For their own safety, we recommend all cyclists on individual bike tours to wear a bike helmet during their personal bike tours as well.

During the guided weeks, we always use experienced cyclists who set the pace in the respective group. At the top of each slope/col we always wait until everyone is together. Each participant cycles at their own risk. Baguet Bicycle Center and/or its guides are not responsible for any accidents or physical injuries sustained by participants during or outside the cycling tours.

No, you are free to change groups. You simply inform the guide of the groups concerned at the start of the ride.

During the guided weeks, you are free to make bike tours on an individual basis. Please mention this to the group guide. However, no supplies are provided for individual rides.

Every customer can compose his own customized trip in our online booking system: for a cycling vacation you can book your own flights/transfers. However, the other components of the cycling vacation cannot be disconnected: this includes hotel accommodation, rental bike, guidance, supplies and laundry service for cycling clothes.

Participating in guided tours without having booked a bike package is therefore not possible. Also not for payment.

The moment someone in the group has a flat tyre, the whole group stops and the mechanic will help you change the inner tube. A saddle bag is attached to each bike containing a reserve tyre and a CO2 cartridge.

On arrival at the bike workshop, ask the mechanic for a new reserve tyre and a new CO2 cartridge so you can leave the next day with confidence.

We do not provide gpx files to customers in advance. Due to circumstances (e.g. roadworks) the guides sometimes have to deviate from the pre-mapped routes, which leads to questions and sometimes dangerous situations among participants who have the gpx. Based on that experience, we stopped making gpx files available. Since the motto is “out together, home together”, gpx files are also not necessary. Each ride is also explained and discussed in the briefing. There is also a guidebook available in Calpe and Mojacar describing all routes and profiles.

Normally, no extra stop on a terrace will be made. The reason for this is that some participants have a non-cycling partner and would like to be back on time. However, if it is decided in the group to make an extra stop, the guide will be happy to make an extra stop.