Centers developed by ex-prof Serge Baguet who decided, after spending several years at the highest level as a professional cyclist, to further develop his passion for cycling and transfer this to as many people as possible. This by offering a cycling experience for everyone:

  • Info session at the beginning of each cycling week with extra attention for sports nutrition and cycling navigation.
  • Professional guide who will join you on bike. Possibility to have qualified and enthusiastic guides for different groups, having similar cycling levels.
  • Provisions in collaboration with top sports nutrition suppliers (including the supplier within the UCI World Tour Circuit). Isotonic drink before en during each ride + recovery shake after the ride.
  • High quality race bikes, 100% fitted on your size.
  • Professionally equipped cycling workshop.
  • Technical assistance and repair service on location. Mechanic assistance is always available, including bike repair, bike wash, bicycle pumps and secured bicycle storage room.