Article 1: Price and payment


For online bookings through the website, the full price of the trip is paid; in the case of booking through a travel agency, the advance is 40% of the total travel sum.

Travel sum

The price is indicated per person and includes the:

  1. services as described in the program;
  2. costs of the accommodation hotel based on a double room based on half board and the applicable surcharges for extras such as but not limited to single rooms and sea view rooms or discounts for non-cyclists staying in the same room as a cyclist;
  3. applicable VAT rate at the time of booking.
  4. cancellation insurance – only if it was taken
  5. assistance insurance – only if it was taken

The price does not include:

  1. all personal expenses for drinks, meals and other expenses that are not included in the program
  2. the costs for passports, visas and other formalities
  3. the file costs in case of booking through a travel agency (€ 30) and / or changes after confirmation and payment of the trip

Prices given by telephone are always subject to change. Only price confirmations via email from Baguet Velo Events or on paper from the travel agency are valid.

Price increase

If the increase exceeds 8% of the total price, the traveler can cancel the package travel agreement without compensation. In this case, the traveler is entitled to reimbursement of the amounts he has paid to the organizer.


Advances and invoices are payable online or at the travel agent’s seat, net and without discount.

Advances and invoices that have not been paid on their due date will be automatically and without proof of default increased with a lump sum compensation of 10% as well as with the legal interest from the date of the due date.

For reservations less than 1 month before departure, the full travel sum must always be paid.

Article 2: Formalities

The traveler must confirm to have taken cognizance of the information regarding the formalities to be completed that are communicated to him via the website or by the travel agent.

Children must have an identity card with a photo. Children who are not accompanied by their parents must provide documents on which the parents give their consent to travel alone, stating the date of arrival and departure from the country concerned, as well as the address where they spend their holidays and their address in Belgium.

Information by the traveler: if the traveler has an essential condition to carry out the trip, he must state this. Special wishes of the traveler with regard to health and eating habits must be communicated in advance.

If, due to the lack of his / her necessary documents, the trip cannot be fully or partially taken part in, the person is responsible for the consequences.

Article 3: Luggage

In the event of loss or damage to baggage, the traveler must complete a property irregularity report at the lost baggage department of the airport. Without this document it is impossible to obtain a reimbursement. For transport by coach, a certificate must be requested from the driver.

Article 4: Timetable

The specified timetables are indicative. The traveler must in all circumstances take into account that these can be changed by the travel organizer both before and during the trip.

Article 5: Cancellation and changes

Cancellation by the traveler

The cancellation costs are variable according to the time of cancellation. The correct date of cancellation is determined by the date of receipt of the cancellation by the organizer. All amounts are indicated per person. The cancellation must be communicated as soon as possible by e-mail and stating the booking number and the persons involved. The cancellation conditions are fixed as follows:

  • for a cancellation more than 30 days before departure: 40% of the total travel sum
  • for a cancellation from 30 days up to and including 20 days before departure: 60% of the total travel sum
  • for a cancellation from 19 days up to and including 10 days before departure: 80% of the total travel sum
  • for a cancellation from 9 days before departure: 100% of the total travel sum
  • for a cancellation on the day of departure or absence on departure: 100% of the total travel sum

Note: If the journey also includes an aircraft route, the cancellation conditions of the airline concerned apply to this part of the journey. Insurance and administration costs are always 100% affordable. For air journeys, the general and special conditions of the relevant airline company apply.

Change by the traveler

A change of name or other entails a file cost of € 25 per person. All effective costs that a supplier charges w.r.t. changes by the traveler will be charged in full to the traveler. A change of travel destination or departure date is considered as a cancellation by the traveler.

Cancellation by the travel organizer

If fewer than 5 participants are registered for a trip, the travel organizer can cancel this trip. At least 21 days before departure, all participants will be notified by email and the amounts already paid will be refunded in full. The traveler cannot claim any compensation.

Article 6: Liability of the travel organizer

The information contained in this document was prepared according to information known to us up to six months prior to its publication. If changes occur in operation, facilities and services of the offered products (and / or their suppliers), these will be notified by the organizer immediately after taking cognizance.

The organizer’s performance starts and ends at the departure airport.

The liability of the travel organizer is limited to the travel sum except for personal injury.

The traveler who will participate in a cycling holiday is responsible for the necessary insurance against sports accidents and confirms to have insurance for medical costs; a non-cycling co-traveler does not have to have this type of insurance but is also advised to have insurance for medical costs.

The tour operator cannot be held liable for:

  • damage and / or injury caused by a shortcoming of the traveler
  • unforeseen events such as wars, strikes, floods and the resulting consequences
  • loss, theft or damage to luggage
  • violation by the traveler of local laws and morals

Article 7: Liability of the traveler

The traveler is liable for damage incurred by the organizer and / or retailer, their appointed and / or representatives as a result of his mistake, or when he has not fulfilled his contractual obligations.

A traveler who behaves in such a way that the proper execution of the trip is compromised or who seriously hinders fellow travelers, can be excluded from further participation in the trip or stay. All related costs remain at the expense of. He is under no circumstances entitled to full or partial reimbursement of the travel sum.

Article 8: Air travel

Baguet Velo Events BV only acts as a reseller for air travel and can in no way be held organizationally responsible. Airplane travel programs depend on local authorities and airlines and can always be changed and adjusted. The price for air travel is always subject to change by the airline and the influences of exchange rates, fuel prices or taxes.

Article 9: Reseller

Baguet Velo Events BV resellers and / or travel agents are not permitted to grant any discount to their customers. Baguet Velo Events BV reserves the right – if infringements against this binding rule are established – to immediately terminate the cooperation with the retailer and / or travel agent and to demand appropriate compensation.

Article 10: Changes to the program

Depending on the circumstances, Baguet Velo Events BV reserves the right to change certain elements in the interests of the journey and of the traveler insofar as these are not of decisive importance or result in a depreciation. It is also possible to make one or more hotel changes even at a fairly late stage or even during the tour if necessary. Naturally, the aim is to find equivalent accommodation where appropriate.

Article 11: Complaints

The traveler must inform the organizer without delay of any non-conformity that he experiences during the execution of the package travel agreement, in a substantive manner.

In the event of a dispute, the parties must first pursue an amicable settlement between themselves.

If this attempt to reach an amicable settlement fails, then each of the parties involved may request the Travel Disputes Committee ( to start a conciliation procedure. All parties must agree.

To this end, the Secretariat will provide the parties with a conciliation regulation and a “conciliation agreement”.

In accordance with the procedure described in the rules, an impartial conciliator will then contact the parties to pursue a fair reconciliation between the parties.

Any agreement reached will be recorded in a binding written agreement.
If no conciliation procedure is instituted or fails, the claimant may, if desired, initiate arbitration proceedings for the Travel Disputes Committee or bring proceedings before the courts of the judicial district of Ghent.

The traveler can never be obliged to accept the competence of the Travel Disputes Committee, either as a claimant or as a defendant.

The organizer or retailer who is the defendant can only refuse the arbitration if the amount demanded by the claimant amounts to more than 1,250 euros. He has a period of 10 calendar days for this upon receipt of the registered letter or e-mail with acknowledgment of receipt in which it is indicated that a file with a claim of 1,251 euros or more has been opened with the Travel Disputes Committee.

This arbitration procedure is governed by a dispute settlement procedure, and can only be started after submitting a complaint to the company itself and as soon as it is established that the dispute could not be settled amicably or as soon as 4 months have elapsed after the (anticipated) end of the trip (or possibly from the performance that gave rise to the dispute). Disputes concerning physical injuries can only be settled by the courts.

The jointly appointed arbitral tribunal, in accordance with the dispute regulations, makes a binding and definitive decision on the travel dispute. No appeal is possible against this.