Special weeks

Sierra Nevada

Known from the Tour of Spain (La Vuelta), the Sierra Nevada is the perfect terrain to test or refine your climbing talents. Not only the mountain goats get their money’s worth in this beautiful cycling region, but also all other cycling enthusiasts. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and vistas. You might also be able to take up the challenge of the Pico Veleta? And on the rest day you can perhaps explore Granada and/or visit the Alambra?

Mojacar – Calpe

From this year on we want to continue with a good tradition and a lasting dream of Serge, namely to connect our two cycling centers in Mojacar and Calpe by cycling in the form of a road trip of 3 days. This special week will be organized from Saturday October 21 to Saturday October 28, 2023.

Cyclo Vino

Cyclo Vino is a brand new concept. Unique cycling routes are combined with a few visits and tastings to Spanish wine estates. This concept is offered in collaboration with La Buena Vida. Under the impetus of Wim Vanleuven and Johan Sterckx, this company grew so strongly that it alone now accounts for 1/20th of Spain’s exports to Belgium. And perhaps 1/20th of all cycling enthusiasts want to get acquainted with the Spanish wine regions.