After years of repeated “just-not” and individual cycling trips, and now retired, I was able to convince my cycling friend to go to Mojacar for some fine Spanish sunshine after all. At the time I had set up the BASE-Ventoux trips as a partner in crime with Serge and finally, with far too much delay, I got a taste of his project. And it tastes like more !

Still, it felt a bit uncertain: a first time cycling with a strange group of people … Would that be nice ? YES, immediately upon arrival all doubts were gone, thanks to the “empathetic” Dirk Verzee and his colleagues!

“Thanks” to the poor winter condition and ditto extra kilos, the courses were extra challenging😉 . But the organizational picture was TOP: the support, the care, the knowledge of the routes, the fine accommodation, the top equipment, the punctual fellow riders, the clear briefings,…

Unfortunately, I had to drop out one ride because of some rough starts (at least for me alone out of a dozen cyclists). But absolutely no hard feelings at all !
What I also appreciated was the technical assistance, even repairing flat tires along the way. Just like the adjustment of the routes if the weather conditions and the capacities of the group. And I forgot to mention the laundry service and extra energy/drinks along the way.

I can highly recommend this cycling holiday: “Do you, as a sporty cycling enthusiast, want a top-class setting in a friendly atmosphere? Without cocky behaviour exercising in enjoying the challenges, and vacation next to the bike in an excellent all-in hotel for a bike-friendly budget, and never alone in a nice group : BAGUET in Spain !”