Five questions for Luca Van Boven / ‘Poulain’ by Serge Baguet

Luca Van Boven is a 23-year-old neo-pro at Bingoal – Wallonie Bruxelles and 2022 winner of the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad for Beloften.

1. Neo pro : a big difference?

Last year you were a promise, now neo-pro: a big difference?
With the pros, they generally ride much harder than with the Promises. Once a final breaks open it rarely falls silent. Positioning is also something that is even more important, because if you sit just a little too far you just hang on to the “rack”. Training more but also more specifically is important if you want to improve your strengths.

2. At the start amongst the pros?

The new Flemish cycling season begins. As the winner of Omloop Het Nieuwsblad U23 in 2022, how does it feel to be at the start among the pros?
It takes some getting used to riding among all those big names as a neo pro, it’s for real now.
I have no illusions, though, because I still have to get stronger and learn how to ride finals with the pros. I would rather grow step by step.

Luca Van Boven wins the Omloop: one of his highlights of 2022
Luca Van Boven – Neo-pro at Wallonie-Bruxelles
3. Your favourite training place?

What is your favourite training place abroad and why?
Calpe of course, you can train different courses there. Flat, uphill, lots of uphill,…. The roads are also in great condition which makes it pleasant cycling. The weather is always perfect so you really feel that your condition improves day by day. And of course there is also the good service of the Service Course where you can find everything you need to have a good training week.

4. Role of Serge for your career?

What has Serge meant or still means to you and your career?
Serge was always my motivator, and still is actually. He was always there with advice and support in the very beginning of my cycling career. I still think of him every day, and I hope he is proud of me.

5. Cycling in five key words?

What is cycling for you in five key words?
Friendship – Fun – Renunciation – Lifestyle – Emotion.