Our cycling friends persuaded us to participate in the Baguet Mojacar cycling course.
Since only my husband is the cycling fanatic and I am a recreational cyclist, we hesitated about it for a few years anyway.
He did not want to go on his own: together out, together at home.

But then there was the speed pedelec. That was THE solution and the choice was quickly made.
It was a very pleasant experience for both of us, pushing back frontiers for Patrick and for me sometimes with a very small heart, hoping to stay upright on the pretty tough descents.

You have a great team, take into account everyone’s abilities and inabilities, put safety first, communicate clearly and correctly and we love that. We met new people, had a nice stay, good food and beautiful weather. And…, the bikes were fine.

What more could we wish for? Would I recommend Baguet?
Definitely! Without a doubt.

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