We have already cycled with some other organizations in other regions (Calpe, Mallorca), and wanted to go cycling in Mojacar. Baguet Bicycle Center was 1 of the providers of such a cycling vacation there.

The reviews and testimonials on your website gave us confidence. And so we did not hesitate to book.

Our suspicion that BBC would be more ‘friendly’ than other organizations, of which we had heard that there is more of a ‘course mentality’, was the deciding factor for us. For us, such a cycling vacation is to ‘enjoy’, not to perform, and we certainly enjoyed it!
Of course, the weather is also a major factor in a cycling vacation, and it was not too bad.
From the moment we arrived, we had a good feeling that it would be a pleasant week, and it was.

The friendly atmosphere, nothing has to be done and ‘everything’ is allowed (‘everything’, i.e. according to the guidelines of the BBC organization and the guides, which I think is only normal…). Dirk and his team do their utmost in Mojacar (and succeed in doing so!) to give cyclists a pleasant cycling vacation:
– good bikes
– nice routes
– Good guidance (even though Peter and Benito did not know the area very well; they really did their best, TOP!!!)
– pleasant company during breakfast and after the rides
– beautiful photos & videos

We have already advertised in our cycling club and among our cycling friends.

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