It could well be the title of a good book 😉 Our cycling vacation was, in a word, “wonderful. We enjoyed it from the first to the last day. Not only the sun warmed our hearts, but also the presence of all the other cool people in the group. In particular we want to give a big compliment to Dirk and Sabine. On arrival we received a very warm welcome, everything was perfectly arranged! Super bikes adjusted to size, test ride in the afternoon on the day of arrival, every evening a detailed explanation about the ride of the next day. Every day nice pictures and movies of all participants accompanied by great music. And on the first and last day a drink and snack to go with it. We felt spoiled! On the rides we were accompanied by top people, especially Wim and Raf stand out. The quiet Wim and Raf with his juicy Kempen dialect can motivate and encourage people like no other. “up here”, “in lower gear”, “take a bar now”, we loved hearing it! And whether we could! The Bédar no longer holds any secrets for us, we whizzed down the Ramblas in the wheel of these men and one of us broke her altitude record by also cycling up the Virgin. We became real high-flyers! Hungry and thirsty along the way?… We always liked to see Dirk standing there with his van with extensive supplies, assisted by a non-cycling partner of one of the participants. It turned out that on arrival something still had to be changed on the bike – tilt the handlebars a little, eliminate awkward noises with the brakes or shifting gears, install speedometers, even repair a broken shoe – everything was always done with a smile! The real recovery shake upon arrival in the bike cellar always tasted good, our own shake in the afternoon at the pool even better! 😅 The customer is more than king at Baguet Cycling Holidays! The hotel is a winner: spacious rooms and very good food with drinks at the table included. Beautiful garden and large swimming pool. Mojacar is a really beautiful white village on a hill but easy to reach. The area is beautiful but quite arid and the roads are in very good condition and cars are hardly encountered on the drives. Our vacation read like a book – beautiful, exciting, emotional, motivating, heartwarming – but unfortunately out far too quickly! 😍 We don’t like to get ahead of ourselves but we are almost certain that we will want to come back lol! Serge Baguet Cycling Holidays comes highly recommended!

Anita, Tania, Ivy, Sabine, Wendy

The PCL’s from Willebroek

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