Sale 2nd-hand road bikes TREK Emonda ALR-5

Have you been wishing to buy a road bike for months but can’t find one? Then you are at the right place at Baguet Bicycle Center !
This year we renew the bicycle park of our cycling holidays centers in Calpe and Mojacar (Spain). As a result we offer again a large number of 2nd hand road bikes for sale to individuals.

These bikes have always been perfectly maintained and were also fully serviced and maintained before the sale.
The frame sizes of these bikes range (per 2) from 50 to 62.
These bikes do not contain any accessories (such as pedals, saddlebags, …). Nevertheless two holders for water bottles remain mounted on each bike.
As soon as 50% or more of the available bikes are reserved, they will be transported from Spain. This transport is free of charge; once in Belgium, the bikes can be picked up at one or more locations.

In case you are interested in buying one or more of these bikes, please send a message to Specify your name, address, phone number and desired frame size. We will then contact you to make further arrangements regarding ordering and delivery.