Discover with us the cycling paradise of Castellon-Benicassim

Special week / 27 Sep – 4 Oct 2024

Would you like to be part of a the first group to come and discover our potentially new destination in the heart of the Castellon-Benicassim region? Join us at the prestigious Silene RH Hotel for an unforgettable cycling vacation.

🌅 Fantastic new routes await you
Imagine cycling along the beautiful coastline with the shimmering sea as a backdrop, or conquering challenging climbs surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Castellon-Benicassim offers a variety of routes for all levels, so every cyclist can find the perfect cycling vacation.

🚴‍♂️ Bicycle Friendly Facilities
We understand the needs of passionate cyclists. Silene RH has secure bicycle storage and maintenance facilities so that we can offer full bike service as usual at our centers.

🏨 Luxurious base at the Silene RH Hotel
Located in the lap of luxury, Silene RH Hotel is your haven after a day of exertion on the bike. Enjoy the modern and stylish rooms designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Rejuvenate in the spa, enjoy the gourmet cuisine and unwind in the elegant ambiance that characterizes Silene RH.

🎉 Après-bike
Castellon-Benicassim is not just a cycling paradise; it is a destination with a rich cultural past. Explore charming local markets, visit historical sites or simply relax on the pristine beaches. Your vacation goes beyond the pedals.

📆 Book your cycling vacation in Castellon-Benicassim here!
Embrace the thrill of this new destination and the luxury of Silene RH Hotel. Your/our cycling adventure in Castellon-Benicassim awaits. Book now and make memories for life. The first editions are often the most memorable 🧐