Cycling rules in Spain : an informed cyclist is worth two …

At the start of spring and with the arrival of many cycling enthusiasts in Calpe and Mojacar on the horizon, we would like to remind you of some of the rules that the cyclist has to follow (legally) in Spain.

Good to know
  • Always carry your identity card and your European Health Insurance Card (= indispensable in Spain in case of accident or illness – to be requested from your health insurance company).
  • When cyclists ride in a group on a traffic circle, they have the right of way, all from the first to the last cyclist. This also applies to other intersections, when the first of the cyclists is already cycling on the intersection.
And certainly NOT to forget …
‘Small’ Fine 100€
  • Bicyclists should ride on the right side within built-up areas whenever possible. In groups it is allowed to cycle with two side by side to increase visibility.
  • If you do so with more than 2 cyclists side by side, the fine is 100 euros … per cyclist.
‘Large’ Fine 150-500€
  • Cyclists must always respect signals and traffic lights, just like all other road traffic. If you drive through a red traffic light, the fine is between 150 and 500 euros.

‘Medium’ Fine 200€
  • While cycling, do not use cell phones, headphones or speakers.
  • If there is a bike lane, it is safer (but not mandatory) to use it.
  • In case you cycle in the dark, in tunnels or under a road you must have white light in front and red light behind. Something that is therefore compulsory but unfortunately rarely happens in practice.
  • Cyclists must give pedestrians the right of way when indicated, such as at pedestrian crossings.
  • As a cyclist you have the right of way over motorised traffic when you ride on bicycle paths or the designated roadways. In other cases, normal traffic rules apply.
  • All cyclists must give consideration to other road traffic before starting to cycle so as not to cause dangerous situations.
  • They must indicate changes in direction by arm movements; if you are going right or left, you extend your arm.
  • Cyclists, when using a pedestrian crossing to cross, must walk and not cycle.
  • Outside built-up areas, wearing a helmet is mandatory except when it is not possible for medical reasons, on long climbs and in extraordinary heat.
  • Cyclists on a major road must use the side lane on the right when present.