A great start to your cycling year? Book your cycling vacation now !

From September until after the end-of-year festivities can be a stressful period for many, both at work and privately. Especially, bad weather and dark days do not have a positive influence on this either.

Typically many amongst us concluded our cycling year sometime during the month of October. Subsequently (cycling) plans (even a real calendar) have already been made for 2023.

But the persistent bad and wet weather could give us some extra stress for less. Our cycling plans that are only a few weeks old are already literally falling apart. Moreover you are confronted with daily images of pro and amateur cyclists preparing their season. They are riding in temperatures of 20 degrees or more and bright sunshine.

Our autumn stress period could be extended just a few more weeks/months. But ! …. We can put a stick in the wheels of our weather Gods (and they can’t put a stick in ours) by heading out to sunnier places.

Why not spend a week of spring on the Spanish mainland, in the regions of Alicante or Andalusia?

Climate data Alicante – Source : klimaatinfo.nl
Climate data Andalusia – Source : klimaatinfo.nl
Excellent weather conditions for sporty cyclists

Alicante (which includes Calpe) disposes of a beautiful Mediterranean climate. This contains mild winters, pleasantly warm summers and many hours of sunshine. As a result you may not only sunbathe from May to October, but also enjoy cycling from September up to May.

Also the region of Andalusia (including Mojacar) has a Mediterranean climate :summers are hot and dry and in winter you have mild temperatures. In this region 250 mm of rain falls in a year: it is bone dry 269 days a year.

So say goodbye to bad weather and click below to enjoy a week of cycling in the sun on Spanish roads ! Do you want to book? You can do so via online via the Baguet Bicycle Center website – click on one of the buttons below.