We really had a great time in Calpe:

– Good, beautiful and long rides at a good pace.
– Supplies that were in order.
– Good guidance along the way.
– Bikes were ready when we arrived.
– Transport to and from the airport went without a hitch.
– Hotel was immensely good.
– …

Didier’s guidance was also top-notch. It was very clear that he knew the road and associated danger points. In fact, he also let us do ‘our thing’ when it suited. For example, on Tuesday we wanted to do a race with our 5 on Col de Rates ánd we wanted to do that extra slope behind the restaurant at the top of Col de Rates. He thought this was fine. The 5 of us were standing at the top of that weather station and suddenly he came cycling there too. This was a nice surprise for us 🙂

We will definitely come back next year!