A week on the bike in the Sierra Nevada,
That beautiful region near Granada.
So many fine cyclists, it pleasantly surprised me!
So a word of thanks seemed appropriate….

Katrien and Christiaan, you are a super nice couple!
Always smiling and also quick.
Well, on your little bike anyway, Christiaan,
In the Uber car it may be just a bit faster…
Katrien, you turned out to be an expert in positioning.
Downhill and on the flat I can still learn a lot from you!
Gilbert, I enjoyed the fact that you could forget your work for once
And that Uber piece on the Pico, no one will know about me….
Rudi, you joined us for a day yesterday
And just like at the table, you turned out to be a cool companion!
With a brisk headwind, you waited for me regularly.
Ben, you young force, just passed me on the Pico.
How lucky you are to have such good genes!
Although your dad probably has slightly more climbing legs…
Luc, now that you are retired, you can do a lot of touring on your bike.
Maybe you’ll soon be flooring your son on the flat too!
Benny, with a few more ‘stimullekes’, you’d be a sprint vet by now
But you chose to ride clean and I particularly like that.
I’d pay pints for more of your juicy stories….
And then the guys from Vremde, I don’t know you that well,
but I bet you now understand how to change a tyre!

And now I turn with some grace
To the men of the organisation:
Ivan, well thank you for the super nice rides
And also because I often got to sit behind your broad back
Flor, you were always so chill on your bike
But when you lost your slouches, you did get very quiet….
Dirk, our bikes were prepared to perfection
And your care was greatly appreciated!
Gilbert, thank you too for all the preparatory work;
You are very good at enthusing a group.
In short, I think I can say on behalf of everyone:
Thanks for pampering us so much this week!
Sometimes it was hard work but most of all we had a lot of fun.
Of one thing I am sure: above is one proud…